Herba Hoof Bath Plus

To support the hoof health.
Herba Hoof Bath Plus is specially developed to support the hoof health and is being used as an alternative for formalhyde and copper sulfate. By using Herba Hoof Bath on a frequently basis, the risk of hoof infections will be reduces dramatically.

Herba Hoof Bath Plus can also be used effectively with low temperatures and is safe voor both user and animal.

Feeding advice:

  • Once per 7 or 14 days in a solution of 3% (6% with severe infections) mixed in the hoof bath. Mix ratio 1:20 with water. Use a sufficient amount of water (min. 150 liter) and refresh after 200 crossings.

Mix with water


  • Copper chelate
  • Zinc chelate
  • Organic and inorganic fatty acids
  • Glycerin
  • Aromatic substances
  • Plant extracts
  • Anti-inflammatory.

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