Green Energy Bolus

Mineral bolus that supports the energy balance.

The Green Energy Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed) to support the energy balance. This bolus contributes to the good health of your cows and produces an increase in the energy level. The Green Energy Bolus rapidly boosts energy levels and quickly corrects energy balance. The Green Energy Bolus contains various ingredients with a high energy value, and the addition of prebiotics ensures rapid and efficient absorption of these ingredients. The bolus also contains vitamins and minerals to improve the animal’s general condition.

Feeding advice:

  • 1 bolus or 2 boluses at the first signs of reduced energy.
  • Repeat every 12 hours if necessary.

Administration: Orally, using a suitable bolus applicator


  • Dextrose
  • Calcium propionate
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Prebiotics
  • Algae
  • Vitamin E


Storage: Cool, dry and sealed
Packaging: 8 x 90 grams | 24 x 90 grams
Expiry date: Two years after the production date

Registration number NVWA/GMP+: 500465
HACCP produced
GMP+ en FSA certified
Made in Holland

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