Biotin-Hoof Bolus

Mineral bolus that supports the regeneration (recovery) of hoof health.

The Biotin-Hoof Bolus is a dietetic feed developed to support good hoof health. The effect of biotin on various hoof disorders has been shown by a wide variety of research.

Biotin in the form of a bolus reduces the number of sole ulcers, white-line defects and  hoof inflammations. The cause of this decline is the effect that biotin has on the fatty acid metabolism of the cow and on the production of keratin, both of which are necessary for optimal hoof hardness.

Feeding advice:

  • 1 bolus. The bolus has a dosed release for about 8 weeks.

Orally, using a suitable bolus applicator.


  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Biotin
  • Zinc oxide


Storage: Cool, dry and sealed
Packaging: 8 x 90 grams
Expiry date: Two years after the production date

Registration number NVWA/GMP+: 500465
HACCP produced
GMP+ and FSA certified
Made in Holland

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